Friday, December 9, 2016

New Flannel Prints

It's flannel pajama season! Whether you need to make quick and easy gifts for your loved ones, or just want to curl up and get cozy, you'll be happy and warm as toast in a fresh new pair of flannel PJs! These adorably stylish new prints are just the thing.

You're not limited to just jammies, though! These flannels would also be perfect for comfy soft quilts or whimsical shirts for kids or adults.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Treadlette Tuesday: Rebecca's Green Appliqued Hoodie

This week on Treadlette Tuesday, we're sharing this gorgeous hoodie made by Treadlette Rebecca.

Don't be fooled by the intricate embroidery - Rebecca actually used a clever and time saving applique technique using an embroidered net fabric! She cut around the embroidered motifs and machine-appliqued them to the wool, then trimmed away any excess netting. The result is stunning - and faster than doing all that embroidery yourself!

Stay tuned for more Treadlette Tuesday, every week! We'll be bringing you pattern reviews, projects to share, favorite fabrics, and so much more.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Sewing Planner

Do you wish your sewing was more organized? Are you looking for a great sewing gift? Look no further - the Colette Sewing Planner is here!

Helpfully arranged by season, you'll find style and measurement charts, project pages, and lots of places to design, sketch, and make notes!

The planner also includes 4 different croquis outlines for various body types. Trace the one that most resembles your figure to create ideas and try out styles.

Organize your sewing! The Sewing Planner can help!

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Wool Coating

It's the perfect time for a new winter coat or jacket! We have a huge selection of scrumptious coat-weight wools this season, in a rainbow of colors!

From thick, soft Melton to fleecy boiled wools and textured tweeds, find a perfect new garment here!

Let's face it, winter is going to be here for a while. Let's get comfortable.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Liberty Prints

Check out these fantastic new Liberty of London prints! Liberty's smooth cotton lawn and breathtaking prints are truly one of a kind.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Treadlette Tuesday: Get To Know Us

Today's Treadlette is Melissa!

Melissa is our resident Home Decorating Expert. She's always got a clever solution for sewing curtains, Roman shades, quilts, and pillows, and well as recovering chair seats and cushions.

If you've been in recently and seen (okay, played with) the sequined pillow on our counter, you've seen a little piece of Melissa's work. She tackled that tricky fabric fearlessly!

She's no slouch when it comes to garment sewing, though. Melissa can whip up cute blouses and dresses and has a knack for choosing fun and funky patterns.

Melissa also teaches classes with us! She can help you solve your decorating dilemmas in a Sewing Salon, or take her pillow class or Roman shade class to spruce up your space!

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Poly Taffeta

If you know us at Treadle, you know we love natural fibers. But sometimes a really great fabric comes along that makes us keep our minds open. This polyester taffeta is one of them!

Airy light and paper crisp, this taffeta has a wonderful sheen and fabulous rustle. This is the nicest polyester taffeta we've seen. It is almost like silk!

Taffeta is fantastic for special occasion dresses and skirts. Make yourself something new for holiday parties! Fancy wraps and jackets would also be lovely. Take advantage of taffeta's crisp hand with ruffles and structural details!

Our sale continues today! Stop in for great savings!